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"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." – James Baldwin

Groundwork Ohio recognizes that supporting children in our state who have the most barriers to success, specifically children of color and those who live in rural Appalachia, is crucial to ensuring that all Ohio children have the opportunity to succeed. In 2018, we published the Ohio Early Childhood Race and Rural Equity Report to bring greater understanding among policymakers and stakeholders of how race and location matters to the policies, institutions, and systems that shape the future for children and families in Ohio.


Following its release, the Groundwork team traveled around the state sharing these data in local communities to listen, learn and ultimately act to advance equitable outcomes for young children. Our learnings from those two years of learning are shared in our 2020 follow-up report, Drafting a New Blueprint for Success: Reflections on Ohio Early Childhood Race & Rural Equity

Achieving equity for Ohio kids requires all of us to begin to take responsibility for the things we can change by challenging our assumptions, investigating the evidence and recognizing what we don’t yet know. Explore the resources below for more details on our equity work.

What is Equity?

When a child faces challenges throughout their life, the strength of their foundation is what matters the most. But, every child has unique assets and barriers to healthy development, and builds their foundation in different environments.

If, however, we gave every child what they need to succeed and built their foundation up in their earliest years, they would all be better prepared to withstand the storm.



What is Disaggregated Data?

Our first step is gathering and analyzing disaggregated data.

In order to advance equity for Ohio’s children we have to know who Ohio children are and how systems are serving or failing to serve them. Usually data is reported in the aggregate. For example, only 40% of all Ohio kids arrive in Kindergarten ready to learn. Without disaggregating data by breaking it apart by race, geography and other demographic variables, we fail to understand the whole story.

This more detailed data becomes a powerful tool in preparing more Ohio kids to be ready to learn.  Understanding who is more often left behind and investigating the barriers for these children has the potential to influence how we allocate resources necessary to help all children thrive and achieve equitable outcomes.


Our team is ready to respond.

What is Equity
What is DData?
Ohio Early Childhood

Race & Rural Equity

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