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Initiatives & Programs


Statewide Advocacy

Current State Budget (FY 24-25)

Our staff works tirelessly to secure funding for our statewide budget that will support and lift up Ohio’s children and families.



Current bills in Ohio General Assembly

Follow along as we incorporate data-driven reports, statewide experts, and family voices all pushing for change from our state policymakers.


Engaging Powerful Champions

We value your expertise!

We're looking to create new relationships to learn from a diverse array of partners, like you, who care about young children and the families that raise them. 


Family Voice

Engaging Ohio parents and families in policies and practices that impact the healthy development of their children.

We invest in and listen to families of young children because we recognize they are the true experts in the lives of their own children. While there are certainly local programs and entities that may include family engagement as an aspect of service delivery or an evidence-based intervention, we’re building infrastructure to center the voices of families to inform public policy.


Advocacy Trainings

Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers cannot advocate for themselves.

They need YOU to advocate to ensure they receive the support needed to be healthy and ready to learn. 

They need strong voices from all around Ohio and different perspectives and professions to come together and call for policy change. They need a movement, and movements are built by people coming together for a shared purpose. So, we've made a commitment to provide people with the support, training, and information needed to be effective advocates. 


Statewide Efforts

Ensuring Ohio makes early education & child health a top priority

This initiative is led jointly by Groundwork Ohio, the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association, and Ohio Excels in partnership with business, healthcare, and early education leaders as well as child advocates from around the state. Our robust coalition is driving a powerful agenda that puts Ohio kids front and center.

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