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Groundwork Ohio regularly provides snapshots of relevant data and policy research on the state of early education and health in order to help improve accountability, inform data-driven policy decisions, and identify best practices in quality early learning and healthy development for Ohio’s young children. These resources inform and support Groundwork advocacy.

Featured Resources:


Ohio Early Childhood Dashboard

Incorporating more than 60 metrics across six domains spotlighting the immense challenges and broad inequities faced by Ohio families.

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Gathered Around Our Table

Among all our diverse relationships, none compare to the time, care, and critical connections we have made with the experts—our Ohio families.


Leading from Home: Elevating Ohio Family Child Care

The beginning of a conversation necessary to bring equity and respect to the family child care profession.

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Expanding Child Care in
Rural Ohio

By combining efforts at the federal, state, and local levels, it’s possible to strengthen child care services in rural areas of Ohio.

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Fact Sheets
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