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How will we know if every child in Ohio has the opportunity to reach their full potential?
Published January, 2023

We began work on an Early Childhood Dashboard in 2021 that would answer that question and help inform policymakers about the realities facing Ohio families with young children. After two years of extensive research, fact-gathering, and input from children and family experts throughout the state, including families themselves, we are proud to release the completed Early Childhood Dashboard. This first-of-its kind accounting incorporates more than 60 metrics across six domains spotlighting the immense challenges and broad inequities faced by the families in our state.

Read the Background, Process, & Methodology

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Read the Data Appendix

View Dashboard by Sections:

1. Introduction & Overview

2. Key Takeaways

3. Are Young Ohioans Healthy & Ready to Learn?

4. Where Should Ohio Invest?

5. Early Learning Access & Quality

6. Healthcare Access & Quality

7. Early Childhood Adversity & Trauma Prevention

8. Economic Stability

9. Strengths, Challenges, & Demographics

Ohio Early Childhood


Introduction & Overview
Key Takeaways
Healthy & Ready to Learn?
Where to Invest?
Early Learning Access & Quality
Healthcare Access & Quality
Adversity & Trauma Prevention
Economic Stability
Strengths & Challenges

If you’d like to request a Groundwork representative to talk more about any of the data in the Dashboard, or if you have any questions about the Dashboard, please email us.

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