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Published March, 2022

Groundwork Ohio developed the Early Childhood Dashboard Preview as a precursor to a first-of-its-kind, more comprehensive Early Childhood Dashboard to be released in 2023. The comprehensive Dashboard is being created as a tool to advance equity and catalyze advocacy and action needed to lay a strong foundation for Ohio kids (prenatal to age 5), families, and communities. This Dashboard Preview provides a snapshot of Ohio’s performance on 20 key early childhood metrics that examine the factors and outcomes required to ensure young children in Ohio are healthy and ready to learn. The Dashboard Preview also puts data in context by analyzing trends across years, comparing Ohio to the U.S., and highlighting disparities and inequities. The 2023 Dashboard will build on the Dashboard Preview to more fully examine the factors and outcomes required to achieve equity and lay a strong foundation for young children in Ohio.


Over the next year, Groundwork Ohio will gather feedback on the Dashboard Preview to inform development of the 2023 Dashboard. As part of this process, Groundwork will consult with and solicit feedback from early childhood experts, families, community organizations, providers, and other early childhood stakeholders at the local, state, and national levels.

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Introduction & Framework

Acknowledgements, a message from our leadership, and an overview of Groundwork Ohio and its Early Childhood Dashboard.


Why should we prioritize our youngest Ohioans?

Laying a strong foundation for every child is necessary for a healthier, more productive, and economically vibrant Ohio.


Four key takaways

How Ohio ranks on important measures of child health and well-being, poverty, learning environments, and why the data matters.


Are Ohio's youngest healthy and ready to learn?

This data provides a snapshot of Ohio’s performance
on ensuring young children are healthy.


How is Ohio doing?
Early learning access & quality

Access to high-quality early learning experiences within the first five years of life proves higher earnings and better health later in life.


How is Ohio doing?
Healthcare access & quality

Quality health care before birth and throughout early childhood can ensure healthy development  and prevent costly health conditions.


How is Ohio doing?
Adversity & trauma prevention

Exposure to adversity and trauma in childhood has both immediate and long-term negative impacts on health and well-being.


How is Ohio doing?
Economic stability for families

Families who have financial stability can afford housing, food, and health care and plan for their children’s future.


Ohio's early childhood strengths and challenges

The most notable early childhood strengths and challenges based on trends and comparisons to the U.S. quality benchmarks.


Demographics of Ohio's youngest population

View data on age, race and ethnicity, disability status, and county type for Ohio's young children.

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