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We're Leaning On Child Care Professionals

Today, we released a new video on our social media pages to show our support for child care professionals. As we go through this pandemic, we are leaning on child care professionals, now more than ever, to support essential workers such as health care professionals, child care professionals, grocery store clerks, public safety professionals, pharmacists, nursing home workers, and so many more as they work together to keep Ohio safe and healthy during the pandemic. Without child care, many of the essential workers would not be able to do the great work they are currently doing.

Today we ask you to take 5-7 minutes of your day to thank a child care professional and share our video on our social media pages to let them know they matter.All you need to do is the following:

  1. Share & like our posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by clicking on each of their hyperlinks;

  2. Write a thank you card and send to: 4041 North High Street, Suite 204, Columbus, Ohio 43214. Creating thank you cards can also be a fun stay-at-home activity for you to do with your children; and,

  3. Post a picture of your thank you card on our social media posts.

Thank you for your continued support and collaboration in making sure that child care does not go unnoticed during this unprecedented time!


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