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Child care funding controversial among area legislators (Dayton Daily News)

By: Lynn Hulsey Access article

Boosting government funding to solve the child care crisis garnered mixed support from Dayton region legislators responding to questions about an issue that is hammering families and hindering businesses looking for workers.

Seven of the Dayton region’s 27 members of Congress and the Ohio Legislature responded to this newspaper’s questions about growing calls for reforms, including additional funding, to resolve the child care crisis and expand preschool options.

A Dayton Daily News investigation published on Sept. 12 found wide support among parents, child care providers, advocates, educators and business leaders for increased funding for child care and preschool. Among the findings:

“The idea that the market can take care of this challenge is just a fallacy. We know this is a broken market,” said Warren County Commissioner Shannon Jones, a Republican former state legislator who is president and CEO of Groundwork Ohio, a Columbus-based nonprofit child advocacy group. “I understand that there are not unlimited resources and we have to be able to make choices. But we know that quality child care has some of the highest return on public investment.”


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