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Child Care Advocates Say Senate's Proposed Budget Would Hurt Kids (Statehouse News Bureau)

By: Jo Ingles Access article Republican Senate leaders say their budget makes proposed changes in child care that will make it more accessible to low-income Ohioans. But advocates for child cares say eliminating the state’s five-star rating system for daycares will hurt children.

Former Republican Sen. Shannon Jones leads Groundwork Ohio, which advocates for early childhood education. She's not happy with the Senate's proposed budget, which cuts the "Step Up To Quality" program.

“It takes the child out of child care to be quite honest," Jones says.

Jones says cities, businesses and parents have worked together to improve the quality of child care. She says the Senate’s plan focuses more on parents using child care for work support rather than providing education that helps kids succeed in school. She suggests the state tap into federal funds to increase the number of quality child care facilities for low-income Ohioans.


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