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Summit Education Initiative

Dear Groundwork Team:

As we kicked off a new school year this week, I want to introduce you to Summit Education Initiative (SEI). You need to know about the incredible work that is happening in Akron, Ohio. SEI is a nonprofit organization working to increase the education of individuals and their families living in Summit County with the goal of ensuring every student graduates prepared, passionate and persistent. We share the belief with SEI that in order to accomplish this mission, we must invest in kids early. Among SEI's strategic goals is increasing the number of students ready for kindergarten success. Under strong leadership, SEI is strategically engaging with all of Summit County school districts including many non-public schools, 130+ preschools, government and nonprofit agencies, local state and national foundations and funders and business entities to make progress toward this goal. We are grateful to have SEI's Early Childhood Strategy Leader, Laura DiCola, as part of Groundwork's Steering Committee. Laura is among friends at Groundwork with the Steering and Executive Committees including representation of leadership from each of the local communities across Ohio such as Cincinnati, Cleveland and Dayton among others, who are leaning into early childhood to transform the future of their local communities across the state. We look forward to elevating the critical work SEI and their counterparts in communities around Ohio. Our state has a lot to learn from their leadership and experience as we work towards building Ohio's early childhood education system. We thank you for your continued support as we educate policymakers and advocate for increased state investments that are absolutely critical to sustaining and expanding the work of local communities leading the charge to increase access to high quality early childhood education. Enjoy your weekend! Shannon Jones Executive Director


Pictured from left to right: Shannon Jones, Executive Director, Groundwork Ohio; Laura DiCola, Early Childhood Strategy Leader, Summit Education Initiative; Robyn Lightcap, Executive Director, Learn to Earn Dayton & Co-Chair, Groundwork Ohio.


Calling all school leaders, educators, preschool and childcare directors, librarians, counselors, social workers, community and business leaders, nurses, home visiting professionals, pediatricians, government officials and anyone working with children!

SEI's 2nd Annual School Readiness Summit "The Early Childhood Effect" October 27, 2017

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