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Your Voice MATTERS: Help #SaveChildCare

Congress is in the final stretch of negotiating a COVID-19 relief package and can be finalized as early as today. As it stands now, only $10 billion is allocated to child care. Not only does this fall short of what advocates know is needed to sustain child care, but both the House and Senate included significantly more funding in previous versions of their COVID-19 relief proposals.

Ohio's child care industry is on the brink of collapse and we need you to contact Congress TODAY to tell them more must be done.

Have 3 minutes? >> Click here for your members' direct office numbers and to access our phone script.

Only have 30 seconds today to contact Congress? >> Click here to send a pre-drafted message or tweet.

Your voice matters. Use it today to let Congress know that an effective relief package MUST #SaveChildCare.


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