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What We're Reading: February 2022

Each month, Groundwork Ohio reads the latest and greatest resources on early education and health from a wide variety of sources. Below is a compilation of the most important articles we have read throughout February 2022.



Children's Mental Health Week on 10TV

Cincinnati Enquirer

Pandemic fuels child-care staff absences, rattling parents and posing threat to kindergarten readiness

Opinion: Education key to child abuse prevention

Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb adds two cabinet members focused on youth, education

Opinion: Shame on lawmakers pushing needy kids to the back of the line - again

The Columbus Dispatch

Opinion: 'Parents are telling us what they need to get back to work.' Fix child care

Why aren't moms returning to workforce? Columbus Conversation to tackle child care crisis

Columbus Conversation on child care crisis

Video: Columbus Conversation: Why can't we afford the child care crisis?

'Our only option is to stay at home with our kids.' Child care crisis keeps moms from work

Columbus officials: Hilltop kids have less 'quality' preschool programs than rest of city

Dayton Daily News

Preschool Promise sees fast growth with Dayton 3-year-old enrollment

Groundwork Ohio

How One Ohio County is Leveraging COVID Relief Funds to Expand Access to Quality Child Care

Knox Pages

Development foundation seeks public input on child care issues

WKU Public Radio

Parents struggle for support in Ohio Valley child care ‘deserts’

WOSU Public Media

Children services' group tells Congress about crisis among Ohio workers, kids in foster care


The 74 Million

‘We Have First-Graders Who Can’t Sing the Alphabet Song’: Pandemic Continues to Push Young Readers Off Track, New Data Shows

The Associated Press

Pfizer asks FDA to allow COVID-19 vaccine for kids under 5


Child care squeeze fuels Great Resignation


America’s Child Care Providers Are Still Struggling to Survive

CBS News

"Nobody wins. Everyone suffers": High cost of child care strains families

The Century Foundation

Families with Young Children Are Losing $13 Billion a Year While Child Care Sector Struggles during the Pandemic

Child Care Aware of America

Demanding Change: Repairing our Child Care System


Child care now costs more than $10,000 per year on average—here’s why that’s a problem


Millions of children could lose Medicaid coverage once the public health emergency ends


Commentary: Diaper Need: The Invisible Public Health Crisis


Pandemic-shattered childcare sector is costing young parents $13 billion a year as they’re forced to cut back on work

16,000 childcare providers shut down in the pandemic. It’s a really big deal

The cost of childcare has risen by 41% during the pandemic with families spending up to 20% of their salaries

Healthcare Innovation

Cincinnati-Area Hospitals to Get ‘Mama Certified’

The Hechinger Report

We struggle to measure quality child care — and even more to fund it

How the pandemic is affecting babies’ brains

Los Angeles Times

Opinion: America’s approach to early childhood education is completely unsustainable


Child-care costs are outpacing inflation — the average cost of daycare for infants now exceeds in-state college tuition fees

Child care disruptions have been driving more women than men to quit their jobs

National Geographic

How pandemic isolation is affecting young kids' developing minds

The New York Times

Opinion: How to Fix Child Care Before the Next Pandemic Wave


Number of American children in poverty grows by 3.7 million following child tax credit expiration


When moms get vaccinated during pregnancy, babies get protection too, study shows


New data show just how badly the US lags in public spending on children

US News & World Report

Where the Child Care Crisis Is Hitting America the Hardest

The U.S. Maternal Mortality Rate Surged by Nearly 20% in 2020

Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy Protects Baby, Study Says

The Washington Post

For low-income parents, no day care often means no pay

Developmental milestones just changed for the first time in years

Yahoo! Money

Child Tax Credit helped some parents start their own business, study finds


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