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The Latest on Ohio's Response to COVID-19

Thank you for your patience and support this past week as we have been navigating this uncharted landscape. We know child care and early learning programs are on the front line of the pandemic and we are working diligently to ensure your receive timely information, your voices are heard, and you are supported during this time. Over the past week, there have been so many new updates pertaining to early learning and health programs--particularly child care--and we want to make accessing these updates as easy as possible for you. We now have a new resource page that will host all COVID-19 news and updates for providers and families.

Now, let's dive into the developments from the past week and what it means for child care and families...

Temporary Pandemic Child Care Centers

This week, the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services announced open applications for current child care centers and other qualified facilities to apply to be a temporary pandemic child care center. In the event of statewide child care closure, temporary pandemic child care centers will provide care to essential and critical personnel to help support them as they battle on the front line of this pandemic (learn more about who can apply). Once you apply for this license, ODJFS will review your application and issue your license. Learn more about temporary pandemic child care centers by clicking here.

Additional Rules & Guidance from ODJFS

Over the past week, ODJFS has released new guidance and rules pertaining to child care. All of the new rules and guidance are listed here on their new COVID-19 page.

Also, make sure to check out our FAQ for child care providers resource by clicking here. We will update this document as we receive additional information. Please note that this resource was not created or distributed by the State.


New Webinar Opportunities

Join us for two upcoming webinars designed to support Ohio's early educators and to provide the most up-to-date information on Ohio's response to COVID-19.

  • Today, March 20th at 4 PM, you'll hear from experts in small business supports to provide more detailed technical assistance on accessing small business loans and unemployment as well as an update on any new state and federal guidelines. Register for the webinar here. Please note that this webinar was previously scheduled for 1 PM, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we have moved the webinar to 4 PM. If you have already registered, your link will still work at 4 PM. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we will be sure to post a recording of the webinar once it is over if you are no longer able to participate live.

  • Monday, March 23 at 6:30 PM, you will hear from Nefertiti Bruce Poyner, M.Ed. Nefertiti is an author, public speaker and provider of professional learning for the Devereux Center for Resilient Children. During the webinar, you can expect to learn more about how to support your own mental health during this pandemic. Register for the webinar here.

As we schedule more webinars, we will list the webinars on our new page with an RSVP link. All previous and future webinars recorded by Groundwork (and the resources shared) can be accessed by clicking here.


Resources for Providers & Families

We know there is a lot of information and resources swirling around right now and it may feel overwhelming to some. This is why we created two pages to centralize these resources for providers and families to include background information on COVID-19, financial assistance, grant opportunities, and activities for young children. We will regularly update both these pages as we receive more information.

Do you have a resource that you would like us to list on our page? Please contact Julia Jackels at to share your resource.


Moms2B Opening in Montgomery County

On March 25th, we will be co-hosting a Census Twitter chat with our friends at PRE4CLE, Children's Defense Fund Ohio, and the American Academy of Pediatrics -- Ohio Chapter to spread awareness around the importance of participating in the Census. Sign up for our Twitter chat toolkit by clicking the button below.

The 2020 Census will decide how much funding our communities will receive for programs such as child care, home visiting, early intervention, housing assistance, food assistance, transportation, health care, and so much more. Not only does the Census determine federal funding levels for Ohio, but it will also determine how many seats Ohio will have in the U.S. House of Representatives. Learn more about the Census here.

Babies and infants are one of our most vulnerable populations and are in dire need of these programs during the earliest of years of their development. However, they are also the most undercounted population in the Census. In order to ensure that we continue to increase investments in these family supports, we need to ensure we count all people in Ohio -- regardless of age, citizenship, living arrangements, and so on. Everybody counts and we need your help more now than ever!


Join a Courageous Conversations Session

Join the Ohio AEYC for Courageous Conversations today at either 12 PM or 7:30 PM by clicking the button below during your preferred time. During these conversations you can expect to listen, share, and support fellow early educators as they share what is on their heart or to seek support during this challenging time.


Guidance on Health and Prevention Measures

Below you can find helpful resources from the Ohio Department of Health on what COVID-19 is and how you can help in containing the spread of the virus:

In addition to visiting Groundwork's website, please visit the state's website for daily updates and resources. If you have any questions regarding the virus, please call the Ohio Department of Health at 1-833-4ASKODH (1-833-427-5634).


New Resources for Early Childhood Professionals

Recently, OCALI's Center for the Young Child released the following new credit opportunities and resources for early childhood professionals.

Suite of Resources for Early Childhood Professionals

This new suite of resources includes modules for early childhood professionals to participate in to receive professional credit hours. Each module is approximately one hour of content covering a variety of early childhood topics. During each module, you will be provided with information and resources you can use in your setting right away. After completion of the module, you will receive a certificate and Ohio Approved Credit for participating. Learn more about this opportunity here.

Early Care and Education Seminars

Designed for early care and education professionals, this seminar will build your knowledge about infant and toddler growth and development information from prenatal and fetal development from the prenatal period through age 5, with a focus on before birth through age 2. This seminar will provide you with information and resources related to human development, developmental milestones, growth and developmental domains, and integrating skills across domains within natural environments and activities. After completing the module and the pass and post-assessment, you will receive a certificate and Ohio Approved Credit for participating. Learn more about this opportunity here.



Each week, Groundwork will now wrap up our newsletter by spotlighting a Groundwork Advisory Committee Member to share the great things these Members are doing for young children in their communities.

Pat Bebo

Assistant Director Extension, Family and Consumer Sciences

Ohio State University Extension Website

Q: What led you to get involved in Groundwork Ohio's advisory committee? A: The work of Groundwork Ohio is a perfect complement to our own work of providing research based and skills focused education to childcare professionals, parents and children in order to create thriving and successful families throughout Ohio. My involvement with the advisory committee allows us to learn about and support each other’s work. Q: What is your organization currently doing to help support young children and their families? A: Extension Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) in particular has an early childhood education team that is focused on providing the required education credits for early childcare professionals as well as the FCS broader focus on education the areas of parenting, nutrition and financial well-being. Extension as an organization includes 4-H, known worldwide for its expertise in youth development.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about you. A: I grew up in Cleveland, lived in multiple cities around the country over 30ish years and find my self happily back in Ohio for the last 8 years, living in Columbus with my best fur buddy, Sophie. Also I walked my first half-marathon last year!


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