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Quality Child Care: Good for Working Families, Good for Businesses

Recently, the U.S. Labor Department issued a report revealing that employees posted a record number of available jobs in March, illustrating that many businesses are struggling to find and retain employees in part due to the lack of affordable child care options.

Child care is not only essential to working parents, but also to the businesses that employ them. Without affordable quality child care, many parents with young children -- especially women -- have no choice but to drop out of the workforce. That's why more and more business leaders in Ohio are speaking out on the importance of investing in quality, affordable child care.

Watch our new video below featuring business leaders on why quality child care is essential to their business and employees.


Groundwork Ohio's budget blog series features stories from child care professionals, families, business leaders, and community members on why there's an urgent need in their communities to expand access to quality child care. In the state biennial budget, Ohio legislators have the opportunity to increase eligibility for the state's publicly funded child care program from 130% of the Federal Poverty Level to 150% of the Federal Poverty Level. Read our child care budget fact sheet to learn more about why there is an urgent need to increase access to quality child care. Take action today by contacting your Senator urging their support for expanding eligibility by clicking here.


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