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Op-ed: Investing in child care supports our workforce, now and for the future (Newark Advocate)

By: Robert O'Neill Access article

As a developer of two industrial parks located in Licking County, I recognize that access to childcare is a significant workforce issue for our community.

Access and availability to quality childcare is an enormous challenge for families employed in these industrial parks and for a majority of families in Licking County. If employees are unable to secure excellent and affordable childcare, our expanding economy will stall, the effects of which will resonate throughout all sectors of the economy. This fundamental need for working families extends into all workplaces, creating extraordinary challenges for our Ohio communities.

As the economy begins to rebound from the yearlong pandemic, businesses everywhere are focused on hiring and retaining talent that drives their business forward. For employees with young children, high quality and affordable childcare is essential to restoring a vigorous economy. It is a fact that because of the pandemic, large numbers of workers, predominantly women, have been leaving the workforce because they lack access to childcare that enables them to do their jobs. This problem needs to be addressed by Ohio’s Legislature.


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