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Join Us for a Child Care Round Table Discussion with Congresswoman Joyce Beatty

You're invited to join us for a child care round table discussion with Congresswoman Joyce Beatty this Friday, August 14th from 10-10:35 AM.  During the webinar, participants will share their experiences and concerns with Congresswoman Beatty, along with why Ohio needs her leadership to stabilize child care. You’ll be joined by partners in the work including:

  • Christie Angel, YWCA Columbus

  • Melissa Bacon, OCALI

  • Misti Norman, Heavenly Kids Center for Learning

The discussion will be facilitated by Shannon Jones, Executive Director of Groundwork Ohio. We invite you to join us in watching the live discussion and submitting your questions and feedback through the chat box function. 


As you may already know, Congress is at a stalemate as they continue negotiate the next stimulus package, but it is crucial to continue to ask them to invest $50 billion in child care in the final package. We cannot allow child care to fall by the wayside or be underfunded in the negotiations like it has in the past. Children, families, child care providers, and Ohio's economy depends on a thriving child care industry.In other words, without child care, there is no economic recovery in sight for Ohio.

We need you to take a few minutes out of your day TODAY to contact your members of Congress and to encourage those around you to do the same. Even if you have already reached out, we need you to keep pushing the message to make it loud and clear to Congress that child care is a top priority for Ohio. Through our VoterVoice platform, you are able to submit one message to each of your members every 24 hours -- set a daily reminder on your phone to keep sending a message!

Ohio's child care industry simply cannot survive without a strong showing of child care supporters like yourself.Together, we can save child care -- just push the button below to get started.


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