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Child Care Professionals are on the Front Lines

Last week, we released the first video in our series thanking pandemic child care providers who are supporting the front line workers while they respond to Ohio's health and safety needs. In just a week, this video reached over 50,000 people on social media and amassed many thank you cards and videos. This week, Groundwork released its second video in our series and hope you will once again help us in thanking child care providers by watching and sharing our latest video with your colleagues, friends, and families.

Below is a simple 10 minute guide on how you can utilize this video to help keep children, child care, and early educators at the front of minds and decisions during the pandemic.

  1. Watch, share, and like our posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by clicking on each of their hyperlinks

  2. Write a thank you card and send it to 4041 North High Street, Suite 204, Columbus, Ohio 43214. Creating thank you cards can also be a fun stay-at-home activity for you to do with your children by using materials you have laying around the house

  3. Post a picture of your thank you card on social media and tag @GroundworkOhio or send it to

Thank you for your help in making our video go viral last week on social media and for your continued support in making sure that child care continues to be a priority during and after this unprecedented time!


Upcoming Webinars to Tune Into

As we social distance, there are many virtual opportunities to continue to your learning while at home. As such, we compiled 5 free webinar opportunities that are coming up within the next week for you to consider adding to your schedule.

  • Today at 1:00 PM: Join the Center for Community Solutions, Advocates for Ohio's Future, Children’s Defense Fund Ohio, and Universal Health Care Action Network for a webinar on how COVID19 impacts Medicaid. Learn more and register here

  • Today at 2:00 PM: Join the U.S. Office for Head Start for a webinar focused on caring for children in group settings during the pandemic. Learn more and register here.

  • Wednesday, April 29th at 1:00 PM: Join ZERO TO THREE for an early educator webinar focused on how to address abuse and neglect during COVID-19. Learn more and register here. Additionally, you will find past recordings on preventing child abuse and neglect for home visitors and clinicians to utilize on this page.

  • Tuesday, April 28th at 2:00 PM: Join edWeb for a webinar designed for child care professionals on embracing anti-bias classroom. Learn more and register here.

  • Thursday, April 30th at 3:00 PM: Join NAEYC for a family and early educator webinar on how to support early learning while at home. Learn more and register here.


New Resources from National Experts

Every week, experts are publishing new resources that support early childhood professionals and early childhood development. Below we have compiled a few of these resources that we found to be particularly helpful.

  • New America Team and No Small Matter created a new resource highlighting the complexity of an early educator's job. This resource includes videos to show what this looks like in practice and is a great resource for advocacy.

  • the Committee for Economic Development released two new podcasts for child care centers and family child care homes addressing the strategies child care businesses can utilize to recover from COVID-19.

  • The Brain Architects from the Harvard Center on the Developing Child released a new podcast episode on the impact the pandemic has on early childhood development.

  • CLASP released a new report that details strategies for advancing racial equity in maternal mental health policies.

  • First Children's Finance created a resource hub containing a cash flow spreadsheet, tips on analyzing financial statements, and other useful business supports for child care providers to utilize.


Resources for Providers & Families

We know there is a lot of information and resources swirling around right now and it may feel overwhelming to some. This is why we created two pages to centralize these resources for providers and families to include background information on COVID-19, financial assistance, grant opportunities, and activities for young children. We will regularly update both these pages as we receive more information, so keep checking back for the latest resources.

We are currently working on developing resources for all early childhood related programs and hope to have this information posted within the coming weeks.

Do you have a resource that you would like us to list on our page? Please contact Julia Jackels at to share your resource.


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