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Calling all child care supporters 📢

RIGHT NOW we need you to contact your members of Congress and to encourage your networks to do the same.

Earlier this week, we asked you to contact Congress to ask them to fund child care in the stimulus package and we were blown away with the response. Within a short amount of time and with your help, we sent over 5,200 messages to Ohio's congressional delegation! 

Congress is hearing our call to action loud and clear, but we need to continue to put the pressure on them to ensure that child care doesn't fall by the wayside in the stimulus package negotiations. As they approach a final agreement, Congress needs to continue to hear that without a $50 billion investment in child care, the child care industry will not be able to survive. Without immediate action, programs will close and leave far too many families without care and without the chance to return to work. In other words, without child care, there is no economic recovery in sight for Ohio.

This is why we are asking you to take a few minutes out of your day TODAY to contact your members of Congress and to encourage your networks to do the same. Even if you have already reached out, we need you to keep pushing the message. Through our VoterVoice platform, you are able to submit one message to each of your members every 24 hours -- set a daily reminder on your phone to keep sending a message!

In three simple steps, you can make a BIG difference for child care:

  1. Email, call, and tweet at your members by using our messaging platform by clicking here. The messages on our VoterVoice platform are being updated weekly, so send another message today even if you sent one earlier this week. If you have existing relationships with your member’s office, this is the time to call them.

  2. Reach out to your networks to let them know that their action is needed today. You can copy and paste this entire email message to forward on to your contacts or create your own message.

  3. Promote this urgent ask on social media by sharing the video below on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

With your help, we are hopeful that Congress will prioritize child care in the final package. Ohio's child care industry simply cannot survive without a strong showing of child care supporters like yourself.

Advocating for the first time?

Advocacy has never been as easy and as quick as it is now. Check out this brief video to learn more about why child care programs need our advocacy, why YOUR voice matters, and how easy it is to contact Congress through our VoterVoice platform


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