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BREAKING NEWS: Congress Provides Emergency Relief to Child Care

In the midst of the pandemic, as our already fragile child care system was pushed to the brink of collapse, early childhood educators, parents, and advocates like you have been unified behind a most urgent purpose… TO SAVE CHILD CARE! Together we’ve worked tirelessly to urge Congress to provide the relief that providers and families so desperately need. With your help, we have sent out over 18,000 messages to Congress, hosted round table discussions with members of congress, and left countless voicemails for our Senators and Representatives making it clear that any COVID-19 relief package must make child care a priority. And our plea was heard. Late last night, Congress voted on another relief package which included a $10 billion investment in child care relief. This legislation is now being sent to President Trump to sign. Despite this relief package totaling less than half of what the CARES Act package provided, your advocacy helped more than double the amount dedicated to child care. While this is significantly more than what was included in the CARES Act, we know this is not enough to stabilize the industry in the long-term. But, in the short term, we are grateful for this down payment on the investment needed over the next year and for the real relief it will bring for center-based and family child care providers here in Ohio.

Make no mistake… this fight to #SaveChildCare is not over. This recent bill is a merely a stopgap measure until Congress can come to agreement on a much larger bill. In the coming months, we ask you to continue to engage with us as we demand child care relief. In the meantime, we hope that you will reach out to Congress to thank them for this recent investment, and to reiterate that more must be done to #SaveChildCare in Ohio.


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