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We speak for young children because they can’t speak for themselves.

We believe every child can thrive in Ohio. Along with our partners, we fight to ensure that their needs are a priority. Join the movement.

Act Now

Unite with thousands of advocates across Ohio. Your voice is key to lasting change, unlocking the full potential of our youngest children. Let's make it happen.

Groundwork Ohio - Give Today


Help fund
and advocacy-training
for more Ohio families.

Groundwork Ohio - Use Your Voice

Raise Your

Become an advocate leader
and help amplify the call for
change in your community
and among policymakers.

Groundwork Ohio - Advocacy Training

Prepare for Advocacy

From webinar discussions
to Statehouse rallies,
Ohio children need you.

Groundwork Ohio - Join the Movement

Join the Movement

Creating change will take
focused, effective, and
coordinated advocacy.

An investment in a young child
is a proven investment in Ohio.

Young Children Advocacy

Why do we focus on young children?

Research and science prove that early childhood provides a unique window of opportunity to ensure a strong start to life—making the first years the best time to invest. When children’s experiences and environments are safe, stable, and nurturing from their earliest days, they have a strong foundation that sets them on the course for success.
Advance Public Policy

Why do we advance public policy?

As a nonpartisan advocacy organization dedicated to the needs of young children and families, Groundwork Ohio knows that strong systems provide the foundation for long-term sustainable change. Every child deserves the chance to learn, grow, and reach their full potential, but not all children have access to the same interventions and early childhood support.
Collaborate for policy change

Why do we

We collaborate with a wide network of parents, partners, and supporters to understand what policies and programs are most needed and effective. Then we use our platform to educate on the power of making early childhood a priority. The positive impact of prioritizing young children benefits everyone in the community, ultimately building a stronger Ohio.

Our Policy Priorities:


of Kindergartners with low incomes are not ready
to learn.

4 in 10
low-income babies aren't accessing necessary preventative care at well-visits.

Ohio ranks 31st
for infant maltreatment.

Too many babies are experiencing abuse & neglect in our state.

Ohio ranks 39th
for early childhood poverty.

1 in 5 young children live in poverty.

Latest News

Latest News

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