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Week of February 25th Round-Up

Now Hiring: Director, Center for Early Learning at Groundwork Ohio

Groundwork Ohio is pleased to share that we are now accepting applications for the Director of the Center for Early Learning! Applications are due Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

The Center for Early Learning at Groundwork Ohio is dedicated to building strong foundations for young children and preparing Ohio for a better future by transforming systems that advance early learning, promote equity, and prioritize prevention. Through policy development, research, data analysis, and collaboration, the Center for Early Learning engages diverse stakeholders to advance early learning policies and systems.

The Director of the Center for Early Learning will oversee Center activities and drive the Center’s work to improve outcomes for young children and their families. Click here to learn more about this exciting opportunity!


Claire's Law: How One Ohio Family Used Their Voice to Inspire Change

Nearly 14 years ago, after enacting Claire's Law on February 28, 2008, Ohio became the first state in the country to begin tracking the number of Shaken Baby Syndrome cases. The legislation also provides mandatory Shaken Baby Syndrome educational materials be given to parents of newborns.

Michelle Fishpaw, author of “Claire’s Voice."

Claire’s Law is an example of how families, medical professionals, advocacy groups, and policymakers can work together to make a difference. It's also an example of how one family's life-changing experience sparked a voice for change through public advocacy and education to protect our youngest and most vulnerable children.

This week, Groundwork Ohio published a blog by Michelle Fishpaw, a passionate advocate in raising awareness about child abuse and the author of “Claire’s Voice,” the true story of her family’s journey raising their daughter Claire with the long-term effects of Shaken Baby Syndrome. In the blog, Michelle shares her family's experience and why she hopes their real-life story gives others a way to find their voice.


EVENT: State Level Challenges in Building Child Care Infrastructure

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research, American University, and the Carework Network invite you to join an exciting and timely event: The U.S. Care Infrastructure: From Promise to Reality. The event will take place March 4-5, 2022 in Washington, D.C. and online.

This important conference will convene academics, policy researchers, early childhood experts, advocates, and policymakers to explore critical issues and policy proposals for the care industry, including child care issues.

Groundwork Ohio President & CEO Shannon Jones will be presenting during a panel session on Building Child Care Infrastructure: State Level Challenges. The panel will highlight the impact of child care access on gender and racial equity and bring together academic researchers and child care experts to discuss policy proposals and programs to address the ongoing child care crisis.

Get to Know Groundwork: Shannon Jones, President & CEO

Last week, as part of our ongoing "Get to Know Groundwork" series, we introduced you to Chelsea Kiene, Groundwork Ohio's Director of Communications & Stakeholder Engagement. This week, we're introducing you to Shannon Jones, Groundwork's President & CEO!

Read our Q&A with Shannon to learn more about why she's a strong early childhood advocate and what her vision of the future is for Ohio's youngest children and their families!


ICYMI: ODJFS Forum on Child Care Stabilization Grants

ICYMI: Last week, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services hosted a child care webinar, where representatives from ODJFS provided updates and clarifications on Phase 2 and Phase 3 of Ohio’s Stabilization Grants. During the webinar, speakers also shared additional information regarding the Step Up To Quality streamlining.

If you were unable to join the meeting, you can watch a recording of the discussion by clicking here.


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