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Urgent Call to Action to Save Quality Child Care

Next week, the Ohio General Assembly is expected to vote on the state budget. After voting on the budget, it will be sent to Governor DeWine to sign, veto, or line-item veto certain provisions. This means that the next week is critical in saving Ohio's quality child care system.

Here's how you can take action today to save quality child care in Ohio:

  1. Send a pre-drafted message to your policymakers by clicking here (it takes less than 2 minutes to complete!). This message is a new message, meaning if you have already sent a message through our VoterVoice tool, you can send one again! In fact, you can send a message every 24 hours via our platform.

  2. Share this call-to-action campaign with your networks by clicking here to download our new advocacy toolkit filled with sample emails and letters, images, social media posts, a flyer, and more!

  3. Call your legislators to voice your support for quality child care. You can find your legislators and their phone number by clicking here.

  4. Each day, challenge yourself to send this click-to-message campaign to at least 5 individuals or organizations (helpful hint: use our advocacy toolkit for language you can copy and paste).

During the past few weeks, early childhood advocates like you have sent more than 10,000 messages to Ohio policymakers in support of quality child care. Policymakers need to continue to hear stories from YOU as we enter the final stage of budget negotiations


ICYMI: Watch the Recording of Last Night's Call to Action Webinar


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