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Urgent Call to Action

The future of Ohio's child care industry will be decided in coming days. We urgently need your help to ensure the industry can survive the impact of COVID-19 and support our youngest children and working families for years to come. Please join us tomorrow, Wednesday, July 29th at 3 PM for a round table with Senator Rob Portman and a panel of child care providers and early childhood experts to share why Ohio needs his leadership to stabilize child care. Time is running out—by the end of this week Ohio’s emergency CARES Act funding dedicated to child care will be gone and Congress is racing the clock to negotiate a new federal relief package before they recess for the summer. Ohio child care is in crisis and the current Senate proposal only includes $15 billion for child care, falling significantly short of the $50 billion that national experts and Groundwork Ohio believe is needed to stabilize the child care industry. We need a strong showing of child care supporters to attend this round table discussion to make it clear to Senator Portman that we need $50 billion in emergency child care funding. Register now and join us tomorrow to show your support. A big turnout tomorrow will help demonstrate the strong support investments in child care have with Ohio voters. You’ll be joined by partners in the work including:

  • Patti Gleason, Learning Grove

  • Carol Haynes, Kiddie Academy of Reynoldsburg, Hilliard, and Downtown Columbus

  • Katie Kelly, PRE4CLE


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