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Announcing the Maternal and Infant Health Panel at the Cincinnati Roadshow

By: Kezia Ofosu Atta, Policy Manager, Groundwork Ohio

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Between 2018-2021, 5.8 percent of moms in Ohio received late or no prenatal care. Only three-quarters of pregnant women in Ohio received prenatal care in the first trimester of pregnancy in 2020. Pregnant women of color in Ohio were much more likely to experience delays in care.

To discuss Ohio’s disparities in maternal and infant health outcomes, our upcoming Roadshow Listening Tour event in Cincinnati on Thursday, June 27, will have a panel dedicated solely to maternal and infant health. We will hear from:

  • Jennifer Frey, President, Every Child Succeeds, Associate Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

  • Charla Hale, President and CEO, Healthy Moms and Babes

  • Stephanie Weber, Associate Director/Training Director, Cincinnati Children's, Associate Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

  • Tiffany White, Health Programs Manager, Healthy Communities Program, Cincinnati Health Department

Here are some additional facts that will drive the conversation: 

We look forward to seeing parents, caregivers, advocates, and regional maternal and infant health experts next Thursday in Cincinnati. Register to reserve your spot at the event today.


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