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Advocacy Challenge Day 4: Send an Email to Your Legislators & the Governor

Day 4: Send an Email to Your Legislators & the Governor

Your voice as a constituent plays a big role in whether your elected officials take action on the issues that matter to you, your family, your work, and your community. Your input can help inform policymakers’ decisions and inspire them to act. For day 4 of our advocacy challenge, we are asking you to send an email to Ohio legislators and Governor Mike DeWine urging them to invest in Ohio’s youngest children and their families.

With your action, you can send a clear message that Ohioans support early childhood initiatives, such as expanding access to quality child care, increasing investment in evidence-based home visiting programs, and investing in maternal and infant health. Your voice at this moment is crucial: legislators are currently working on Ohio’s two-year state budget, including funding for programs that support Ohio’s youngest and most vulnerable children.

Send an email message to your state legislators and Governor DeWine. We already prepared the message for you - you just need to push send!

Read this resource explaining how expanding access for Ohio’s publicly funded child care supports working families.

Watch this video to learn more about why investing in the earliest years of a child’s life produces the highest returns.

We appreciate your time and commitment to advocating for young children. Each day, 5 participating individuals will be randomly chosen to receive a $25 electronic gift card via email. At the end of the week, we will randomly choose one individual to receive a mini library package with 10 children's books featured in our Book Recommendations for Young Learners resource. (Note: State policymakers, legislative staff, executive agency staff, and state employees will not be included in the random drawing and are not eligible to receive a reward.)

Share the virtual advocacy challenge with your network by forwarding the challenge week sign-up link here. Want to view previous days of our advocacy challenge? Click here to view days you may have missed.

Want to engage further? Post about the challenge week on social media and use the hashtag #LayingTheGroundwork and tag @GroundworkOhio for a chance to be retweeted.

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