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Join Us for the Ready, Set, Soar Ohio Launch!

We are launching an exciting new initiative next Wednesday at the Statehouse and would love for you to join our Facebook Live event! During the event, we will be joined by over 45 coalition members and speakers from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Ohio Chapter; OCALI; Dayton Children's Hospital; The Centers for Families and Children; Learning Grove; and Kiddie Academy. Tune in at 10 AM on February 26th via Facebook Live for our Statehouse press conference to learn more about Groundwork's exciting new initiative!


OCALICON Call for Proposals is Now Open​

Help inspire change and promote access by bringing your best ideas, strategies, and research to the nation's premier autism and disabilities conference - OCALICON! The conference will take place in Columbus, Ohio from November 11-13. During the conference, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge, experiences, and best practices with a passionate and energized audience of 3,000+ leaders, professionals, and parents from across the nation and around the world. Don't miss this 3-day world-class learning and networking opportunity focused on autism spectrum disorder, low-incidence disabilities, and sensory disabilities.

Submit your proposal before the March 25, 2020 deadline!


Unearthing Fairness During Black History Month​

On September 3, 1957 the desegregation of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas gained national attention as Governor Orval Faubus mobilized the Arkansas national guard to prevent nine African American students from integrating the high school. It wasn’t until September 25th that the Little Rock Nine got to attend class on behalf of President Dwight Eisenhower sending U.S. Army troops to protect those students.

In 2020, out of the top 50 most segregated school districts in the country, Ohio is home to 17 of them. As we work to advance early learning and healthy development strategies, we must consider the continuum of care that our young children navigate as they enter their K-12 years.

A consistent 30-point gap persists between the percentage of disadvantaged versus non-disadvantaged students performing at grade level from kindergarten through the start of high school. The gap between black and white students starts at a 23-point difference in the percentage of students prepared to enter kindergarten. A few years later, that gap has grown to a 33-point gap in Third Grade Reading performance—and by the time kids reach 8th grade, there is a 36-point difference in the percent of students performing at grade-level for the Eighth Grade Math assessment. These assessments are both strong predictors of college readiness and career success.


Promoting Early Literacy Through the Ohio Governor's Imagination Library​

The Imagination Library is now available in 56 counties, meaning more than 130,000 children ages 0-5 are now eligible to receive a free monthly book! The Ohio Governor's Imagination Library's goal is to reach every young child in each of Ohio's 88 counties. So far, OGIL is over halfway there to achieving this goal with many more participating counties on the horizon. This week, Franklin County announced the launch of its Imagination Library program. In Franklin County alone, all of its 83,000 children under the age of 5 are eligible to enroll in this free program. To enroll your child in the program, please visit:

Check out our newest resource on early literacy to learn more about the Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library’s efforts to advance early learning throughout the state!


Each week, Groundwork will now wrap up our newsletter by spotlighting a Groundwork Advisory Committee Member to share the great things these Members are doing for young children in their communities.

Mike Moroski​

Policy Manager at Cradle Cincinnati

Board Member at Cincinnati Public School Website

Q: What led you to get involved in Groundwork Ohio's advisory committee? A: Making things better for kids is all I want to do with my time. Q: What is your organization currently doing to help support young children and their families? A: We are laser-focused on re-powering black women in Hamilton County. As such, we are reducing the infant mortality rate. Cradle Cincinnati is committed to helping every baby in Cincinnati live to celebrate their first birthday. We are a diverse group of community members, healthcare professionals, parents and organizations all working together to save lives. Q: Tell us a fun fact about you. A: I am a singer/songwriter and perform around Cincinnati frequently.

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