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October 26th Round-Up

APPLICATION NOW OPEN: Groundwork 2021 Fellowship

We are excited to announce open applications for our second annual Early Childhood Leadership Fellowship cohort. The Fellowship will provide emerging early childhood professionals with essential training and support to enhance leadership skills and advocacy experience. The Fellowship will inspire Fellows by utilizing a unique and engaging curriculum consisting of expert speakers, online learning experiences, discussions with policymakers, networking opportunities, technical assistance, and small group projects. Upon completion of the program, Fellows will have a better understanding of how to be a successful advocate for themselves, the children and families they serve, and their communities.

Learn more about the program and apply at

Interested in sharing this Fellowship opportunity with friends and colleagues? Download our social media toolkit below for sample messaging to easily copy and paste on social media or into a letter of recommendation.


Grant Opportunity for Small Businesses

Recently, Governor Mike DeWine designated up to $125 million dollars for Small Business Relief Grants for those who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. These grants will provide small businesses (such as child care providers) who with up to $10,000 dollars in grants to assist in ensuring the survival and stability of these crucial businesses. The application for this grant opportunity will open on November 2, 2020.


We are only days away from Election Day and we hope that you have either already voted or have plans in place to vote by November 3rd! A lot is at stake this election and infants and toddlers are counting on YOU to vote for their future. Voting for young children is important because elected officials at every level of government will be responsible for making public policy decisions that will greatly impact the everyday lives of Ohio’s children and their future success.  We created a simple toolkit for you to find information on why voting for children matters, how to vote, key election dates, questions to ask candidates, sample social media and blog posts, graphics, and more to help amplify this message to your family, friends, and colleagues that infants and toddlers are counting on their votes.

Your vote matters.

Already voted for children? Add our frame to your Facebook profile image indicating you voted for children by clicking here. You can also download the image below to share with your followers that you voted for children. Use the hashtag #OHVoteForChildren to be retweeted by Groundwork!


Want to increase your impact? Share this message with family, friends, and colleagues now!


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