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What We're Reading: November 2022

Each month, Groundwork Ohio reads the latest and greatest resources on early education and health from a wide variety of sources. Below is a compilation of the most important articles we have read throughout November 2022.



The 19th After CDC report, what can be done to prevent more maternal mortality deaths?

Advocates and families push to restore child tax credit as inflation rates rise

2020 Mom Government Accountability Office Reports on Maternal Health: Outcomes Worsened and Disparities Persisted During the Pandemic


Lack of child care is keeping record number of parents out of work

The Cut What It Takes to Run a Day-Care Center

Early Learning Nation New Mexico is the First State to Guarantee a Right to Early Childhood Education. Universal Child Care Could Come Next


Does Solving Inequality in Education Mean Embracing ‘Birth Equity’?

Forbes Let’s Stop Calling Child Care A Crisis And Start Calling It An Opportunity

Marketplace We should care about the troubled "care economy"

The New York Times

The Expanded Child Tax Credit Is Gone. The Battle Over It Remains. The Biden-Harris Administration Advances Equity and Opportunity for Black Americans and Communities Across the Country

Zero to Three

Social Determinants of Health for Infants and Toddlers - State of Babies Yearbook 2022

Around the Country


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