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We Are Resolved.

Dear Friends,

The evidence of systemic racism has been abundant, longstanding, and indisputable in our country and has once again been made clear by the senseless and dehumanizing death of George Floyd last week. As we honor the lives of those who have been killed—and the many more who have felt threatened, less-than, or forgotten—as a result of systemic and individual biases, we recognize our obligation to do better.

Like you, we are grieving, and we are angry, and we are heartbroken. But we are also RESOLVED… resolved to approach our work with more urgency and vigor to reform the unjust systems that have persisted for far too long, undermining the health and wellbeing of children and families of color.

We RESOLVE to humbly work on addressing our own personal biases while fostering an organizational culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We RESOLVE to listen more intently to the voices and experiences of black families and to serve as an ally to families of color who are too often excluded from vital conversations that impact their own health, education, and wellbeing.

We RESOLVE to use our position and influence to unapologetically advance conversations around race and dismantle discriminatory policies.

We RESOLVE to identify and address how structural racism continues to permeate the systems serving Ohio’s youngest and most vulnerable children and their families.

We RESOLVE to fight for policies and investments that provide equitable access to programs and services that seek to create a level playing field for all children to reach their full potential.

We make these commitments to you and to each other, with grace and humility, and challenge you to join us in this most important work.

With gratitude,

Shannon Jones

Lynanne Gutierrez

Julia Hohner

Julia Jackels


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