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Thank you for Being a Big Voice for Little Kids

Updated: May 25, 2023

Young children cannot advocate for themselves. They need adults to act on their behalf. And they especially need early learning and child care professionals to share their expertise with policymakers.

Thanks to you, a letter signed by nearly 1,000 people let Ohio’s policymakers know that investing in the child care infrastructure is essential to the state’s prosperity and future.

You took a big step. Will you take a few more?

It’s important that Ohio’s policymakers also hear from families. They have heard from businesses and the workforce behind the workforce. Families need to speak up and sign up to call for investments that will greatly benefit their children and entire families.

  1. Sign up as a family representative. You signed up as a professional and you’re also encouraged to speak up as an individual. Do you want to see Ohio invest in families? Do you believe that the state should put dollars toward programs for young children? If so, please also join us on the letter to policymakers from families.

  2. Rally other families to join us. Please send this link to families that you know and invite them to sign the letter to policymakers. Ask them to join you and make their voices heard. Your goal = recruit 5 additional people to sign on and speak up. The more names on the letter, the more our state policymakers will see the importance of these issues.

  3. Bring visibility to the issue Print out the flyer above and post it within your center for all to see. Make a few copies and ask parents to share in busy areas they visit.

THANK YOU! We could not do this work without you. We appreciate you taking action on behalf of young children and families.


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