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Groundwork Ohio Spring 2024 Roadshow Listening Tour

By Brittany Boulton, Managing Director of Advocacy and Engagement, Groundwork Ohio Follow Brittany on Twitter and LinkedIn

Groundwork Ohio is going on the road, and we want to hear from you!


Our team is “hitting the road” this spring, visiting over a dozen of Ohio’s urban and rural communities to listen to and learn from local experts and community leaders as we develop our state policy agenda in preparation for the next state budget cycle and beyond.


We are partnering with local organizations doing significant work on behalf of young

children in the prenatal through age five space. Through these events, we will engage early childhood experts and professionals, private philanthropy, local government officials, and statewide policy makers. The series will culminate in the creation of a report highlighting the great work happening around the state in support of Ohio’s youngest children, identify opportunities for improvement, and will be shared with state lawmakers and executive branch leaders as a tool to inform state policy.


Details on event venues and panel participants are being added to our website daily. You can find updates and register to attend a free event near you here. Please reach out to me directly at if you would like more information about events from Toledo to Athens, Piqua to Canton, and everywhere in between! We would love to hear about the topics related to young children that interest you, and we will be publishing an on-line survey to receive feedback from those who are unable to make it in person to an event.


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