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Act Now to Save Step Up to Quality and the Early Childhood Education Workforce

The Ohio Senate recently released its state budget proposal. In their proposal, the Ohio Senate effectively ends Step Up to Quality, Ohio’s 5-star Quality Rating and Improvement System. Additionally, the Senate imposes debilitating restrictions on federal emergency dollars designated to Ohio through the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSA) and the American Rescue Plan, all designed to strengthen the early learning system and the early education workforce.

The Senate’s proposal is a devastating blow to Ohio’s child care system and theclassroom teachers who are the unsung heroes of our fragile system.

The Senate’s decision to eliminate Step Up to Quality will create a two-tiered child care system of haves and have-nots, where low-income children are denied a fair shot at building a strong foundation for school and career success. Disparities in outcomes will grow even wider, resulting in fewer young adults prepared to enter the workforce.

The Senate is walking away from the state’s commitment to quality early learning, throwing away years of progress and millions of dollars in private and local investment. This proposal fails to give families the quality child care they need – all while undercutting the early childhood education workforce.

We are calling on Ohioans to speak up for quality child care and request that policymakers restore language regarding Step Up to Quality, remove restrictions on federal child care spending, and maintain the expansion of child care eligibility. Click below to email and call your legislators.

Want to engage further? Help spread the word on social media. View our digital toolkit to get started.


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