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Ohio Business Roundtable Renews Commitment to Quality Early Childhood Education

Yesterday, the Ohio Business Roundtable (BRT) renewed their commitment to Ohio early childhood education by announcing a bold new goal, that by 2025, 90% of children will be kindergarten ready, with the release of their new report, "What Difference Are We Making? An Assessment of the State of Early Learning in Ohio." Along with the report, they also shared an FAQ. They found that at the beginning of this school year, only four in ten Ohio children entered kindergarten ready to learn and for families living in poverty, the results were way worse.

In achieving their goal, the BRT believes that the core driver to kindergarten readiness is access to quality, cost-effective early-learning experiences and recommended that Ohio do the following:

1. Fast track significant state investments to take proven programs to scale.

2. Relentlessly pursue quality programs that make a difference.

3. Strengthen leadership, giving it authority to sustain effective cross-system leadership.

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