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Early Childhood Education is the Proven Strategy!

High-quality early childhood education strikes again! This week, a new report showed that North Carolina's prekindergarten program for 4-year-olds, established 15 years ago, has produced learning gains for children. Among others, a key finding was that poor children who attended preschool scored higher on third-grade reading and math performance than poor children who did not attend based on a study of all third-graders in NC across two years. This review came as the legislature voted to increase the number of seats in the program. Click here to read the full article!

Did you know, Ohio's quality early childhood system is driving positive outcomes for kids too? In a recent validation study released earlier this year, a strong correlation was found between children scoring higher on Ohio's Kindergarten Readiness Assessment and attendance at a highly rated program.

How does Groundwork Ohio know early childhood education is the smart strategy for Ohio?

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