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Week of February 1st Round-Up

Governor DeWine’s FY22-23 Executive Budget Proposal Released This Week

On Monday, Governor Mike DeWine released his executive budget proposal outlining his priorities for the FY22-23 state biennial budget . The following are some high-level prenatal-to-five investments utilizing state and federal funds where we have identified a sustained or increased commitment to meeting the needs of young children and their families: Early Learning

  • Increased publicly funded child care eligibility from 130% of the Federal Poverty Level to 138%, and to 150% of the FPL for children with special needs.

  • Market rate adjustment to publicly funded child care base rates to the 25th percentile.

  • Sustained investment in publicly funded preschool.

  • Additional investment of $8 million each year in the Governor’s Imagination Library.

Healthy Development

  • Additional $1.9 million investment in Help Me Grow Home Visiting across the biennium.

  • Sustained investment in Help Me Grow Early Intervention.

  • Sustained investment in early childhood mental health consultation.

  • Increased investments to support childhood lead poisoning prevention efforts.

Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies

  • Additional $5.5 million in FY22 for grants to faith- and community-based providers working to improve outcomes for pregnant moms and babies.

  • New $2.25 million investment to support pregnant women in securing housing.

  • Continued investments from the Ohio Department of Medicaid in programs that support moms and babies.

Yesterday, the Ohio House Finance Committee heard testimony from the Ohio Office of Budget & Management, Legislative Service Commission, and the Department of Taxation concerning the Governor’s proposed budget. We will analyze the bill when it is published to better understand how the Governor’s proposal and subsequent legislative response can meet the urgent needs of children and families. We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks.


Ohio's Biennial Budget 101

Are you new to the state's biennial budget process and don't know where to start? The biennial budget process is one of the biggest avenues to advocate for change within the early childhood system and we hope you will join us throughout the process. You can click here to read our latest blog post to learn why you should pay attention to the state biennial budget process and what to expect in the months ahead.


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