Your Vote Can Create a Brighter Future for Ohio Children

This year’s election is critically important as Ohioans will vote for candidates in Congress, state legislature, Ohio Supreme Court, county commissioners, county and city judges, city council, prosecutors, school boards, and more. Elected officials at every level of government will be responsible for making public policy decisions that will greatly impact the everyday lives of Ohio’s children and their future success. Together, we can elevate the importance of early childhood education and healthy development strategies as candidates are continuing to evolve their public policy agendas.


With federal, state, and local operating budgets looming in the near future, families and the early childhood infrastructure are at risk of losing even more due to budget cuts resulting from decreased revenues. The stakes are high and this is why we are rallying together early childhood advocates to get out and vote for young children. We must elect leaders who understand the crucial role our early childhood infrastructure plays in supporting the health, safety, and education of our most vulnerable.


Recovery from the pandemic will not be easy, but if we work together, we can build a brighter, more sustainable, and more equitable infrastructure.


Ohio Voters Strongly Support Child Care & Early Learning


95% of Ohioans
believe it’s important

to make sure children get a
strong start in life through quality early learning programs.
62% of Ohioans
would be more likely

to vote for a candidate that champions high-quality early learning policies.



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Thank you for understanding just how important voting for children is in this election.

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Know the deadlines!

Deadline to register to vote. 


Absentee voting by mail begins.


In-person voting begins (check with your local Board of Elections for dates/times). 


Absentee ballot requests must be received by your local county board of elections by noon on the third day before the election. 

OCT 31
OCT 31

Absentee ballot must be postmarked no later than the day before Election Day and received by your county board of elections no later than 10 days after the election. 


Election Day! Polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. You can also drop off your absentee ballot at your board of elections office until 7:30 p.m 

Sample messages and graphics to share!

Social Media Posts:

Sample Post 1: Children are unable to vote...

Children are unable to vote, but their future greatly depends on you casting your vote. This election, speak up for children by going to the polls to vote for their future. Register to vote today at: #OHVoteforChildren

Sample Post 2: We have a lot at stake this election...

We have a lot at stake this election and Ohio’s youngest learners are depending on you to help get out the vote. With your help, we can build a brighter future for our children. #OHVoteforChildren

Sample Post 3: Make children a top priority...

This election, we are asking you to make children a top priority when you go to the polls. Learn more about how you can make children a top priority when you vote by visiting: Together, we can ensure a brighter future for children! #OHVoteforChildren

Sample Post 4: Groundwork Ohio's early childhood voter toolkit...

@GroundworkOhio created an early childhood voter toolkit for the upcoming election. In this
toolkit you will find information on how to vote, key dates, sample blogs, sample social media posts, and graphics. Access the toolkit at: #OHVoteforChildren

Sample Post 5: Important deadlines are quickly approaching...

Young children can’t vote, but you can! Important voting deadlines are quickly approaching. Have you registered to vote? Do you need to update your registration? How will you vote this year? Find the answers to your questions: #OHVoteforChildren

Email, Blog or Newsletter Content:

Young children continue to be a top priority to [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME]. This is why during the upcoming election, we are encouraging our staff and families like yours to consider voting for children. We all must work together to bring attention to the critical need to provide our youngest learners with access to high-quality early childhood experiences and health care... 
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