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Week of July 27th Round-Up

Child Care Returns to Pre-Pandemic Ratios in August

During Tuesday's press conference, Governor Mike DeWine announced that child care can return back to pre-pandemic ratios beginning on August 9th. In his announcement, he also offered a subsidy for programs that continue to implement lower ratios in their programs to limit the spread of COVID-19. We will share more information about the structure of this subsidy program as we receive it. All programs will still be required to report any COVID-19 cases to ODJFS and the health department as well as adhere to health and safety protocols including:

  • Required face coverings for all staff and children over 10, unless they have a health exemption;

  • Symptom and temperature checks when staff and children arrive;

  • Washing hands throughout the day, including upon arrival and before departure;

  • Frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces; and

  • Regular deep cleanings.

We are looking forward to learning more about the subsidy opportunity and reviewing the updated guidance documents in the near future. We will share this information with you once available. 


We Urgently Need Your Help

According to a new NAEYC report, assuming child care programs are operating at 80% of capacity or less, 53% of programs in Ohio expect to close within six months if they don't receive additional support. Overall, the average enrollment is down by 61%. Many programs cannot continue to operate with low enrollment and will need outside funding to survive

On Wednesday night, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Child Care is Essential and the Child Care for Economic Recovery Acts to provide child care with the funding needed to weather this storm and to clearly demonstrate to the Senate that child care remains a top priority for the House in the upcoming stimulus package negotiations. We need to continue to push out the message to all of Ohio's congressional members that they need to include at least $50 billion in child care funding in the stimulus package. You can make BIG difference for child care by taking the 4 simple steps below:

  • Send a pre-drafted email to Congress by clicking here.

  • Tweet at your members of Congress by using this message

  • Call your members of Congress by using this phone script

  • Encourage all of your colleagues, friends, family, neighbors (and anyone else you can think of!) by using our social media toolkit filled with sample emails to parents and community partners, blogs, tweets, graphics, and a QR code for your parent pick-up area or to post around the community. You can also share this toolkit with others who are interested in raising awareness!

Congress is counting each message and call to understand which priorities are the most important to their constituents. Even if you have already reached out, please keep contacting your members. Ohio's children, families, providers, economy and future relies on a thriving child care industry. Being a child care advocate has never been easier -- just click the button below.


New Credential for Early Childhood Professionals

Early childhood professionals…need hours toward your credential? The Center for the Young Child’s newest module, Responding to Trauma and Supporting Resilience, along with the entire Suite of Resources for Early Childhood Professionals are a great place to start. These modules have received the Ohio Approved (OA) designation and are also eligible for Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities continuing professional development (CPD) unit in the area of developmental specialist/supervisor or EI service coordinator/supervisor.


Maternal & Child Health Title V Block Grant Public Comment Survey

The Ohio Department of Health is currently engaged in planning for the next five-year Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Services Block Grant Program cycle. To better inform their planning, the state is soliciting feedback and input regarding the priorities and comprehensive strategies across the life course population domains: Women, Infant, Child, Adolescent, and Children with Special Health Care Needs.  This is survey is a great opportunity for you to share your experiences and concerns regarding the program. The survey is open until August 14, 2020.


ICYMI: Recent Webinars

We have had many webinars over the past couple of months and hope you were able to join most of them! If you were unable to join our webinars, we always post each recording on our website as well as links to the resources mentioned during the discussion. We just added Wednesday's round table discussion with Senator Rob Portman as well as yesterday's round table discussion with Congressman Tim Ryan


Share Your Story

Did your child care program shut down permanently as a result of the pandemic? While we wish that was not the case, we are working alongside many state and national partners to prevent this from happening to other child care programs in our communities and we need your help.

As Congress moves forward on the next COVID-19 relief package, your story is critical to helping members understand the painful realities faced by educators and families connected to programs that have permanently closed. Will you share your story as an educator or family member connected to a permanently closed child care program?

By sharing your story, you are helping everyone understand what is at stake if Congress chooses not to #SaveChildCare. Completing this form will only take a few minutes, but the impact of your contribution will be felt far and wide.


Want to increase your impact? Share this message with family, friends, and colleagues now!


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