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November's Early Childhood Education in the News

Each month, Groundwork Ohio reads the latest and greatest resources on early education and health from a wide variety of sources. Below is a compilation of the most important articles we have read throughout November 2021.



Staffing shortage forces north Columbus child care center to close

‘A crisis on multiple levels’: New report reveals central Ohio childcare centers are closing at a rapid rate

Akron Beacon Journal

Akron leaders must carry on GAR Foundation's mission to support early childhood education

Columbus CEO

Working parents tired of jumping through hoops for suitable child care, seeking change

The Columbus Dispatch

Columbus City Council Approves Child Care Worker Recruitment Measure

Opinion: Preschool should not just be for those who can afford it

Columbus City Schools helping preschoolers prepare for kindergarten from home

Downtown church covers child care costs for 35 children for December

Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy

Early childhood study finds that Franklin County lags behind nation

Dayton Daily News

Dayton mayor calls for universal preschool across Ohio in campaign speech

Groundwork Ohio

Build Back Better: A Historic Investment in Young Children and Families

Helping Ohioans Access Affordable Health Coverage Helps Young Children, Too

News 5 Cleveland

Millions of dollars in relief funds for childcare, nursing home facilities untouched in Columbus

Ohio Capital Journal

Dem gubernatorial hopeful Nan Whaley pledges universal pre-K if elected

The Toledo Blade

Whaley, Brown promote universal preschool in Toledo


Doctors, advocates address children’s mental health crisis caused by pandemic


Central Ohio Child Care Operators Describe Industry In Crisis


The 74

Analysis: Early Childhood Education and Care Are Essential Public Infrastructure. Time to Make Bold Investments to Support Them

The Associated Press

US-funded child care aid nearing reality with Biden bill


How Child Care Became the Most Broken Business in America

How High Child Care Costs Follow Women Throughout Their Lives

Boston Business Journal

Opinion: Child care is our most glaring post-pandemic learned lesson

The Brookings Institute

High-quality early child care and education: The gift that lasts a lifetime

Business Insider

There's a straightforward way for businesses to attract young workers in a competitive labor market: affordable childcare

Childcare centers say they're turning down desperate parents because they don't have enough staff to look after more kids

'Childcare deserts' are a secret driver of the labor shortage — and half of Americans live in one

The Business Journals

America’s child care crisis has become too big to ignore. Working moms are ready for solutions.

Here’s what working moms say needs to change about child care

The Center for Law and Social Policy

7 Things to Know About Child Care and Universal Pre-K in the Build Back Better Act

Crain’s Cleveland Business

Opinion: Future depends on preserving Ohio's early childhood system

Christian Science Monitor

Worker shortages: Is access to child care a key solution?


From the enhanced child tax credit to universal pre-K, Build Back Better makes ‘historic investments’ to help parents

Fast Company

This is the true cost of the childcare crisis


With Build Back Better, Democrats have finally won on childcare

Fox Business

Surging child care costs forced 26% of parents to relocate, study reveals

The Georgetown University Center for Children and Families

Build Back Better Act: Health Coverage Provisions Explained

The Guardian

‘I don’t have a choice’: childcare cost preventing US women from returning to work

Harper’s Bazaar

We Should All Be Talking About America’s Black Maternal Health Crisis

The Hechinger Report

Opinion: Let’s figure out a new way to talk about early childhood education so we can fix it

The Hill

Opinion: We can't wait another 50 years for high-quality childcare

Investing in Maternal & Infant Health

Los Angeles Times

Democrats aim to dramatically reshape childcare, preschool


Apprenticeships may help build the child care workforce

NBC News

Record number of employers now offering child care benefits

The New York Times

How Public Preschool Can Help, and How to Make Sure It Doesn’t Hurt

How Childhood Trauma Can Affect Your Long-Term Health

Faith Groups Push to Scrap Mandates in Biden’s Child Care Plan

Opinion: Why Is It So Dangerous to Be Pregnant in America?

The Penny Hoarder

How High Are Child Care Costs? 40% of Parents Have Gone Into Debt Over It


How many teachers are needed to make universal pre-K possible?


Mothers getting sick or dying in childbirth costs the US more than $30 billion a year

The Seattle Times

Opinion: I’m not the only mom unable to return to work because of child care

US News & World Report

Build Back Better Act a ‘Game-Changer’ for Early Childhood Education

USA Today

Many programs in Biden's budget have expiration dates. What that means for health insurance, preschool

Inflation's wrath hits home: Families struggle to cope amid surging childcare costs

Voice of America

Child Care ‘Crisis’ Slows US Economy


Democrats’ child care gamble

The Wall Street Journal

Millions of Workers Stay Home to Watch Young Children as Daycares Struggle

Covid-19 Created a Child-Care Crisis, and Big Providers Aim to Fill the Void

The Washington Post

Why haven't U.S. mothers returned to work? The child care infrastructure they need is still missing.

GOP resistance to preschool plan could imperil key Biden proposal in many states

Opinion: The business case for public investment in early-childhood programs


Opinion: The child care crisis is a wage crisis

Yahoo! News

Early Childhood Education and Care Are Essential Public Infrastructure


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