Family Action Network

Every Family Deserves to be Respected, Valued, and Heard.


At Groundwork Ohio, we believe that parents and families are the experts of their own experiences and know what their babies and toddlers need to thrive. Too often, however, families aren’t included in the policymaking process that deeply affects their lives and the lives of their young children. Groundwork Ohio is committed to changing this, because every family deserves to be respected, valued, and heard.


To help elevate the voices of Ohio parents and families in the policymaking process, Groundwork Ohio is building a statewide Family Action Network. The Family Action Network will be a powerful and diverse coalition of Ohio families from across the state. We want to invest in the leadership of families and provide them opportunities to engage with policymakers on the issues that matter most to their families.

Groundwork Ohio Launches Family Action Network to Elevate the Voices of Families with Young Children in the Policymaking Process.


Hundreds of Ohioans from across the state gathered at the Ohio Statehouse on Wednesday, May 18th to tell policymakers: Families, parents, and caregivers of young children deserve to be respected, valued, and heard!

If You're with Us... Join Us!

Partner with Us!


Thank you for your interest in partnering with us to build a powerful statewide Family Action Network and successful Family Action Network launch event! There is a role for all our stakeholders to contribute to the development of the Family Action Network and the unique programming we have planned.

If you would like to support our efforts and officially sign on as a partner, please contact us at


Join the Family Action Network!


If you’re a parent, grandparent, foster parent, or caregiver to a young child, we invite you to nominate yourself to join our Family Action Network as a Family Ambassador. As a Family Ambassador, you’ll be provided opportunities to network with other Family Ambassadors, build your leadership skills, and get the tools you need to share your story with policymakers. It’s your family, your story, your Statehouse!

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