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Fellowship Opportunities

Groundwork Ohio offers two different fellowship experiences, for:



Family Leadership

Through Groundwork Ohio’s Family Voice work, the Family Leadership Institute develops and enhances the skills of early childhood leaders. The institute provides unique opportunities and experiences to build the capacity of family advocates to influence policies that deeply impact their lives and the lives of their children.


During the yearlong institute, Family Fellows from across Ohio will engage in a hybrid curriculum designed to:

  • Increase their skills and knowledge of early childhood policies and advocacy strategies.

  • Expand their connections with other family advocates, community-based organizations, and state policymakers.

  • Build confidence and self-efficacy.

  • Identify leadership opportunities to expand their influence and empower other family advocates.


Participant Expectations:

  • Travel and attend in-person sessions as scheduled.

  • Promoting and attending events hosted by Groundwork Ohio.

  • Elevate and engage in the ongoing work of the Family Action Network.

  • Commit to actively participating in meetings and other activities by bringing their full attention, skillsets, and ideas to the space.

  • Foster an environment that is respectful, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of the children and families our organization serves.

For more information or to ask questions about our Family Action Network:

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