2019 Testimonies During Budget Process

Lynanne Gutierrez

Groundwork Ohio

Groundwork Ohio

"You can have the best training, but if you don’t have child care you can’t go to work.  You can have available jobs, but if you don’t have a healthy foundation you won’t be qualified to work down the road..."


MaryBeth Bush 

"If we really want babies to get a healthy start and promote early brain development, we need our youngest children to be in the hands of individuals who have the training and knowledge to care for little people. "


Karen Charles

Eaton Day Care Owner

"I am writing to ask that consideration be given to maintaining the current rates for rural counties so we can continue to offer the same quality of care to all families who need us."


Michelle Davidson

Imagination Station Learning Center

"Private pay families will also have an immediate tuition increase. Our

quality of early childhood care and education will immediately decrease and will neutralize all the time and effort we have accomplished to improve our programs."


"What happens before a child ever enters kindergarten is the single most effective strategy to ensure success in third grade—a pivotal point in the educational journey and key predictor of future success..."

Laura DiCola

Summit Education Initiative


Brigadier General (Ret.) Charles O. Dillard

Mission: Readiness

Mission: Readiness

"Across the country, 71 percent of young people between the ages of 17 and 24 do not qualify for military service… This is indicative of a larger issue..."


Domanica Ede

Safe Haven Family Childcare

"Child care providers across the state are being asked to become a star rated provider. In order to provide this level

of care, we will need to provide more tools for our children."


Vanessa Freytag

4C for Children

"When we think about the economic growth of our state, the reality is that child care is one of the most fundamental components of our business infrastructure."


Tara Johnson-Noem

United Way of Greater Cincinnati

"Make no mistake, private philanthropy cannot solve our quality childcare crisis alone. Private philanthropy can serve as a partner to state government, testing models and showing what works."


Katie Kelly


"We all appreciate the gravity of this task. What we would urge you to consider is the cost of waiting two more years to make these important state investments in our young children."


Robyn Lightcap

Learn to Earn Dayton

"There will need to be additional state investment to really make our childcare system work for children and families."


Lora Maxel

The Kid Connection

"Many of our children that walk through my doors receive the best meals, attention, learning

and love that they will get that day. Help us help these children!"


Jane Marshall

United Way of Greater Dayton

"Many times the qualified employees will move to one of our urban neighbors getting significantly more money—lowering the reimbursement rate will only exacerbate this problem."


Misti Norman

Heavenly Kids Center for Learning

"When parents are not eligible for publicly funded child care, but cannot afford high private pay rates, they seek lower paying jobs, request less hours in their job, or drop out of the workforce to stay home..."


Ron Rees

Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development

"The research is clear that only quality programs can produce the results needed to assure that the young children of today can be the productive citizens of tomorrow." 


Tracey Rowe

Cincinnati Early Learning Centers

"Although these families make too much to qualify for PFCC, they are nowhere near able to afford licensed child care at the market rate, let alone quality care."


Micki Sittloh

St. Clair Academy Child Care Center

"Requiring us to participate in the SUTQ program with deadlines to meet. causes added hours for my staff, increase
in payroll, and added expense for supplies and yet you are going to take the funding away that we will use to meet these requirements."


Peg Tazewell

Knox County Head Start

"We have insufficient child care slots available in our county for parents who are doing the RIGHT thing—by either completing their education or working full time to support their families."


Ohio Association for the Education of Young Children

"The total cost of providing access to affordable, high-quality early childhood education for all children exceeds current funding amounts."

Kim Tice

Budget Advocacy



Budget Advocacy