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YES, I want to see action for Ohio babies!

Tell the Ohio legislature to take action:

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Ohio ranks 41st worst for infant mortality. (1)

1in4 pregnant moms graphic.png

Nearly 1 in 4 pregnant moms DO NOT have access to prenatal care in their first trimester. (3)

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Ohio ranks 32nd worst for infant maltreatment. (2)

half OH infants graphic.png

Half of Ohio infants and toddlers live in poverty. (4)

For Crying Out Loud,

Ohio Babies Need Us Now.

If Ohioans care about babies, why are so many dying and in crisis?

It is estimated that 20,000 more babies will be born in Ohio each year given recent changes in state and federal law... making the need for Ohio to do better for babies even more urgent. Yet, state investment has been scarce relative to the needs of babies in Ohio. Babies in our great state can't wait!

It is never too early to invest in a child, but it can be too late.


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The good news is there is abundant common ground in favor of bold state

policy that builds a strong foundation for every Ohio baby. Ohioans regardless of place, race, and political ideology, are demanding urgency in making our babies' potential a priority. And we need YOU to join this fight!

Ohio babies are crying out for our help.

Does Ohio care about its babies?

You do.

Groundwork Ohio does.

Together, let’s work to give our babies a strong start in life.


Tell the Ohio legislature to take action.

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