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Budget Advocacy Day


Thanks for your interest in Advocacy Day!

Advocacy Day is a unique opportunity to meet and open a dialogue with your legislator about the importance of investing in the prenatal-to-five period to ensure quality early learning and healthy beginnings for all of Ohio’s children. We will help you arrange meetings, provide background information, and share strategies for communicating the importance of quality early childhood education to lawmakers.

Groundwork Ohio advances public policy for young children because it is the most effective way to achieve positive outcomes, making it the greatest return on investment in public money. We are grateful for your partnership.

As you prepare to take part in Advocacy Day, we encourage you to review your Virtual Folder and take advantage of the many reports, videos, and toolkits we have assembled so you can feel as ready as possible when meeting with your legislators.



  • Several of our Early Childhood Leadership Fellows shared their backgrounds and how it led to their passionate work for Ohio's children and families. Watch Xiara Quinn and Ellen Chavez share their thoughts.


  • Share your involvement in Advocacy Day on your social networks and engage with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

The Ohio Statehouse

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