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Early Childhood Advocacy Toolkit
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Early childhood professionals across the country have taken to social media to elevate the importance of investing in quality early learning and healthy development.  Social media provides a unique public platform where you can share resources, offer valuable insights based on your personal experiences, and connect directly with policymakers.  Check out the sample posts and infographics below as a starting point for engaging in early education and health advocacy through social media. 

Sample Posts

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82% of Ohio voters express strong support for state funding toward quality #EarlyEd programs for kids and majorities in all parties support investments in early learning!  It's time to make quality and expanded access for Ohio #ChildCare a top priority! #LayTheGroundwork

There is extensive, longitudinal child development & economic research that proves the lifelong impact on kids & the high return on public investment of quality #childcare programs. It's time to make smart investments in Ohio's kids--our future! http://ow.ly/g2oo30o6QX8 

Despite clear research, Ohio is not investing enough in programs targeted at our youngest, most at-risk learners. Only 6.3% of Ohio’s education budget is spent on children under 5—the most critical period of development. http://ow.ly/lTpN30o6R2L #LayTheGroundwork

Without consistent and responsive caregiving in the early years of development, the brain architecture does not form as expected and will lead to disparities in learning and behavior. When we invest in quality #childcare, we see improved outcomes for kids and Ohio as a whole!

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